Silver Dollar help info:

1/10th Carpet Track

Kendall Bennett B6.1 setup sheet: Team Associated RC10B6.1 – Kendall Bennett

Kendall Bennett B64 setup sheet:  Team Associated B64 – Kendall Bennett

Jason Kodyz  B6 setup sheet: B6SilverDollar

Jason Kodyz B64 setup sheet: B64SilverDollar

Jeff Edwards B5M Setup sheet (Dialed):Jeff Edwards B5M setup

Stock B6D Setup sheet:B6D_Std_Setup_2016

Stock B6 Setup sheet (Laydown):RC10B6_Std_Setup_2016

Tires are the number one key to success at the track. Here is a listing of the tire testing we did at Silver Dollar RC raceway for 2wd Buggy Turf Tires. Note that the below tires where tested on a close to stock B6 stock out of the box set to 18 mm ride height.

Rear Tires in order of most traction and traction rating next to them 10 best 1 worst:

Tires                                                                                                 Rating

Front Tires in order of most steering and traction rating next to them 10 best 1 worst:

Tires                                                                                               Rating

Set up help

Some useful tips to help you get dialed in real quick on the turf track.

  • Turn dual rate and/or steering end points down. If you normally run 100% best results are to turn down steering 25%
  • Use Lower grip/ harder front tires to help take steering out of car. Most cars have to much front steering.
  • Tighter diff will take steering from the car but car will square up off turns better.
  • Gear Diff is a norm on carpet due to how hard carpet is on ball differentials.
  • Lighter springs equals more side traction more lean.
  • CVD s that are worn and not over lubricated give more bind and more forward bite.
  • Bigger wing wicker will give you more aerodynamic traction.
  • Move Battery around to get proper corner even lean to both tires. Pay attention to if car is leaning to much to front or rear. Try to avoid to much front lean. This will results in immediate spin out due to inside rear tire unloading.
  • Have a smooth steering hand. Front grip will be intensive if setup incorrectly.

1/10th Dirt Oval:

Mike Daly Outlaw 3 setup sheet:Mike Daly Outlaw Sprint

Oval tuning info: Murfdogg_Chassis_Tuning_101.

1/8 Buggy:

Marty Korn: SWorkz S350 EVO

Austin Blair: SWorkz S350 EVO II

Robby Williams RC8B3: Robby Williams SDRC Labor Day Starting

Jonathan Hernandez Hot Bodies : d815twe_LaborDayShootoutStarting_setup

Helpful Resource for setting up your cars:

Big Bore Spring comparison chart: Click here

Setup Tips and Hints: Click Here

Camber Tuning: Click Here

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